i need help?s on dinner..invite


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Aug 15, 2008
ive been invited to an informational dinner etc..for usma and rotc..im trying both and it says bring a parent about 40 kids will be there..at a university near by with an usma rep there..what should i wear?/what are these dinners like?
I didn't take any chances. I walked into my informational meeting, Hugo Boss suit, conservative tie and shirt, POLISHED black shoes. While other kids shuffled towards the back and sides of the room, I sat front and center, made it clear I was serious, asked detailed questions. The key is, I made myself stand out from the crowd of thirty kids. I think about half the reason I got my LOA was based off the usma rep's impression of me.

Don't go out and spend $1000 dollars on a suit if you don't have one already, but dress as formally as you can. Do anything you can to come off as a fierce competitor, not cocky, but confident. In a race where 1 of ten will get the prize, you need every edge you can get.