I recieved notification of my nomination? The question still stands though...

Just chiming in on the "chair force" comment. I think thats geared towards poking fun at the enlisted side I hear it alot from the Army here about us because while their doing a ruck march or 0445 pt we're usually still asleep. I can tell you the AF is gearing up and taking on a "warrior" mentallity. Enlisted basic is moving up to 8 weeks and we're getting alot more combat training. As for your flying questions I can offer you absolutly no advice except that every officer/pilot that I have met over O-4 pretty much hardly fly's but thats every career in the military(the further you get...the less you do your original job) and thats also part of being an officer because they need to be well rounded(I think Patton said that a general should know the job of every man he leads).

Also I understand you have your goals but remember that the mission of the AF/Navy/Marines/Army comes first. So are you prepared to fly a non-fighter platform? Or another job all together?