I watched a General of Marines cry today"

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bruno, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Just thought that you might want to read this:

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    I watched a General.....

    Wonderful article. I remember a day when Marines didn't do these things (crying). My late brother was Marine, he entered in 1968 after the death of our grandmother. I was 10 when he went to Paris Island and I cried my eyes out. I got to see him graduate and noticed that he a chipped tooth and broken eyeglasses. I asked him why, he said" I went to ask my DI a question, the next thing I knew I was picking myself off the floor of his office." He was in four years. He spent time in the brig, because he went AWOL. After his inactive time was almost up he joined the Army Reserves. I asked him why, he said he made alot of mistakes while in the Corp and said he loved his country. Moreover he told it about freedom, honor, country and duty. He wanted to overseas during the early 90's, he CO told no, I need you here. He was an instructor for an NCO school. In 1991, he got very sick and died in March 1992. He was buried with full military honors as a Marine. I cried then too. I day which, I will never forget. He taught me a very valuable lesson, when you screw, own up to the mistakes. God I miss him.
    Thanks to all who have or are serving, you are invaluable to this GREAT COUNTRY.

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    Moving tribute to very brave men.

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