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    So, I know that the Academy looks fondly upon challenging yourself with higher level classes, but how do they compare to each other? Like, between AP classes, the IB Diploma Program, and a Concurrent Enrollment program with the local community college, which one would look more favorable? I can either mix and match various AP, IB, and concurrent enrollment classes, or earn the entire IB Diploma. So, essentially, my question is how valued is an IB Diploma towards admissions, as compared to AP and community college classes?
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    Given that admissions decisions are made during the fall of senior year (i.e., on grades prior to senior year) or including first semester of senior year, IB diploma isn't really relevant in an of itself. That is to say that good grades in higher level IB, AP or community college are interchangeable. Choose the teachers and subjects that are appealing to you while keeping in mind that math/chemistry/physics are important to USNA.
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    I received an IB diploma and the secret that nobody tells you is that colleges don't care whether or not you pass your final IB exams. However, the IB Program or AP classes will teach you a lot about work ethic and time management. Through the program I personally discovered that I like to be busy and to have all of my time accounted for. It's not a lifestyle for everybody.

    Another point about IB--if your school does not have many choices for your classes, I believe you're better off in AP. I resented not being able to take Physics because I was in Chemistry, but then again my IB school was just starting out.

    As for admissions, it's anyone's guess! They want to see high performing individuals who they know will be able to handle a rigorous curriculum at USNA, either through work ethic, raw intellect, or both. How you go about proving that to them is up to you.
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    My Mom is a high school guidance counselor and has had multiple students be appointed to SA's. She said that USNA considers AP and IB on the same level. Specifically...IB does not mean more to them than an AP class. For what it's worth...

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