Iday Medical exam


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Feb 11, 2018
My induction day is on June/28 and I was wondering if any current students or alumni can tell me about the medical exam that takes place on Iday.
How thorough is it? (specifically the eye exam portion if any)
What does it include?

Thank you all.
It’s not very intensive at all if it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve got a clean record then you’ll breeze through. If you’ve got some red flags, it may take a little longer. Each inductee sits down 1 on 1 for a brief discussion and questionnaire with a Doc, mine was about 30 seconds. I also had friends who spent the better part of the afternoon in medical getting cleared. Vision wise I don’t remember ever having to take or pass an eye exam on I day, but you will be issued your glasses so they likely have a separate section for you
There is a color blind portion of the test as well. The out of town Plebe we were helping on I-Day last year had to re-take that portion of the test and passed but it was close.