If you are DQ'd... why not look into a State Defense Force?

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    For those who are facing the likelihood of being DQ'd for federal service, why not look into serving your state in uniform?

    These days, the US Military is seriously cutting down on the number of applicants it allows into it's ranks, and therefore is all but doing away with medical waivers.

    State Defense Forces are established by state governments under the authority of Title 32, Section 109, of the United States Code. These units are typically called state defense forces, state guards, or state military reserves and are regulated by state law and operational guidance provided by the U.S. Army’s National Guard Bureau. They are operative within the CONUS, and provide civil support to the stateside missions of the ARNG, as well as disaster relief and other similar duties.

    Because service is only within the CONUS, often medical requirements are much more flexible. I know many terrific state Soldiers who have minor medical conditions that did not allow them to go into the federal service, but otherwise are the living embodiment of the Army values.

    In California, we have the California State Military Reserve (CSMR). We are fortunate enough to have a superb working relationship with the CAARNG and most of our units are closely embedded with the National Guard. We have both an Army and an Air component, and we've had people deployed to fight the vicious '04 and '07 wildfires, to Hurricane Katrina, and on dozens of other missions within CA.

    I was with a State Military Police unit, and I had the chance to conduct some very exciting training before I eventually decided to go the federal route, and contract through Army ROTC... Now I'm an SMP with a federal MP unit that my old CSMR unit has a good working relationship with.

    If you want more information, please look at the SGAUS website (SGAUS.org) which has a list of all active State Defense Forces in the CONUS or if you are in CA, please shoot me a message and I am more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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