IGEP vs. Bowman Scholars/Naval Postgraduate School


May 27, 2023
I'm an incoming MIDN who wants to go into graduate school directly after the USNA (as a part of the IGEP system), but I'm not sure if this is possible if I'm selected as a Bowman Scholar.

Also, if I'm lucky enough to be a Bowman Scholar, I can do Naval Postgraduate School early as well.

Would Bowman Scholars/Naval Postgraduate School and IGEP interfere?
I would think IGEP would trump a Bowman scholarship. But I’m hoping some other more knowledgeable folks will chime in. I also believe some Bowman scholars are early select submariners and that can come with a financial bonus. That might make the VGEP option a conflict. But not sure.

DS will be competing for a master’s degree program immediately following commissioning, a one year program at NPG Monterey.

IGEP is an incredibly competitive program for sure. Very impressive for those that are selected.
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If you are deemed competitive, you'll end up applying to a smattering of graduate programs and scholarships and you'll get to pick one.

If you get there it will be a good problem to have.

Top performing MIDN will be cherry picked to join prep programs for the various graduate education scholarships, similar to the Med Corps hopefuls applying to medical school. USNA will prioritize those MIDN for things like research conferences and high-vis internships to bolster applications.

There will be a brief about it (3/C year IIRC) and you will be informed. I do specifically remember a minimum CQPR cutoff to start.
You'll have plenty of time to decide. Remember that you will be exposed to many communities during your four years at the academy.

My son did not qualify for Bowman because he did not want to join the nuclear community. He did not qualify for Shoemaker because he was an astrophysics major. And yet USNA is still sending him to NPS for grad school. Trust the system.

As @nuensis mentioned, it will be a good problem to have. Keep an open mind and look at all the options that will be offered to you.