Just to update you guys - my MALO hosted a "meet-future-cadets" night for those in my Congressional District who had files open for West Point (juniors only).

At the meeting at my MALO's house were 4 seniors from my District (#10) who were admitted to USMA this year.

So maybe they haven't gotten to your districts yet or something. :)

Good luck,
I'm from IL-19 and I didn't get in because there were so many candidates that got in last year (5 from my district and 3 from my school alone) and there are 3 more kids from my district going this year. I know a kid who got a 35 on his ACT and didn't get in, but a kid who is pretty good at football did...:rolleyes: I hope you have better luck than i did. But I am reapplying!:thumb:
Any updates on people accepted from Illinois and what their stats are?

recommend trying to contact your MALO/FFR get an idea how competitive your Congressional district is.

Stats for Illinois will be similiar to the class profile - it will something along the line of 630+ on math and critical reasoning on SAT, good leadership, and varisty sports.

You really compete against candidates within your nomination category, mainly your Congressional district.