I'm nervous, because I want it so bad.


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Oct 5, 2008
Please let me know what you think...I'm applying for the USAFA class of '13.


GPA 3.34/3.85
20 honors and AP classes including AP Chem, AP Bio, AP Calc AB-BC
SATS- Math 600 Critical Reading 580 Writing 570 Essay 9

Leadership Experience:

Boy Scout Summer Camp Counselor
Senior Patrol Leader-BSA
Assistant SPL-BSA
Patrol Leader-BSA
Den Chief-BSA
Head Elangomat-Order of the Arrow- Scoutings National Honor Society

Athletic Activities:

Marching Band-9,10,11
Order of the Arrow Native American Dance Team-9,10,11,12

Extracurricular Activities:

Marching Band – Trumpet 9, 10, 11
Concert Band – Trumpet 10
Jazz Band – Electric Bass 9, 10, 11
Orchestral Pit- Electric Bass 10, 12
Boy Scouting- 9, 10, 11, 12
Order of the Arrow (Boy Scouting’s National Honor Society) 9, 10, 11, 12
Order of the Arrow Dance Team – 9, 10, 11, 12
Church Sunday School Group – 9, 10, 11, 12

Awards and Honors:

Eagle Scout- Boy Scouts of America
50 Miler Award- Boy Scouts of America
Brotherhood Member- Order of the Arrow
National Honor Society Member
Academic Letter Recipient
Musical Letter Recipient with Jazz Concert Marching and Orchestral Pit pins

Certification and Work experience:

First Aid Certification
CPR Certification
Junior Leader Trained
Internship with National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute

Thanks in advance. :confused:.
It looks pretty good. I'm not sure about SAT's though, since no one from around my area takes them... I took the ACT. I would recommend also taking the ACT, some score better on it than the ACT and vice versa.

As for GPA, it could be higher, but with the course load you have, it looks really good.

Extracurriculars are fantastic... I have much less than you, and it looks like you show very good balance of leadership and participation.

Do well on your CFA and ALO interview and it looks like you have a good chance. Make sure you have your nomination packets in, since the deadlines are coming up.

Disclaimer: I am only an applicant also, but I've been on these forums for a while, and know what people usually say.

Edit: I just looked at the mean for SATs and it looks like you are a little under the average... get those scores up and take the ACT. I found the ACT to be much easier.
I know, my GPA sucks, but considering all the honors and AP classes I have been in...it seems like it doesn't do me justice. But thanks for responding! I'm hoping to get a nomination soon! Good luck to you as well!
I know, my GPA sucks, but considering all the honors and AP classes I have been in...it seems like it doesn't do me justice. But thanks for responding! I'm hoping to get a nomination soon! Good luck to you as well!
Thank you sir. Read the what I put in the edit above.

Where are you from? I also wish you luck with nominations.

But don't worry too much about your GPA... with all those AP and Honors classes, it balances out.
I'm from MD...I know my SATs are a little low too, but I already submitted them to the USAFA, and the next test is after my application is due.
AFAplease: I do think that there may still be time to register for the November SAT... It may be worth it since as noted you scored slightly below the 50th percentile.
The AFA wanted all of my papers including transcripts and SATs turned in by the end of October.
The AFA wanted all of my papers including transcripts and SATs turned in by the end of October.

You can have any of your information updated as it becomes available, including newer (higher) SAT scores.

Take it again.
What is your class rank. The only thing to remember is that MD is very competitive for the SA's. Good luck!

BTW Luigi is right take over the SAT and resubmit the scores. They will automatically be updated if you have the scores sent to them.
Do you guys compete in marching band?

Our stats are very similar, I have a little higher gpa and sats. I play trumpet in marching band as well. You have a little more Extracurriculars than me since your in boy scouts, but I, just like you do want it very bad.
Yes we compete, and I know getting a nomination is gonna be insane!
SWEET! You said maryland? Through what orginazation? My band is in TOB.
Does anyone else have a decision on what my current chances are?
The biggest problem with asking "Chances" is the nomination. Each area and rep is a little different. Each rep will put in a list of about 10 names for nomination. Of those, the top 1 or 2 are pretty much a go. I say this, because these reps doing the nominating have done this before; via their staff. You aren't the first one to have gone through this. Even with a newly elected rep, they tend to continue on the existing policies of the reps before them.

Having said that, a lot will depend on those in your district that you are competing against. They tend to put those with the highest grades, extra curriculum, class rank, SAT's, etc... towards the top of their list. The academies have their criteria, but without the nomination it's almost a no go. I may have overlooked it in your post, but I didn't really see any athletic activities. I saw something about band and backpacking, but athletics "Usually" involves some form of team/competitive sport. Not sure if band would count as an athletic sporting team event. Those that I've seen that were weak or almost non-existent when it came to athletics, usually were the 4.0 gpa; 2200+ SAT; #1 class rank; etc...

All of your extra-curriculum looks good. It seems to revolve around Boy scouts and Band in one aspect or another. Nothing wrong with that, but depending on the application it may only appear as a couple of things. Under academics, were you it the honor society? What is your class ranking? I didn't see any volunteer activities. Again, sports. You're from Maryland and a lot will depend on how many people from Maryland apply. That will have a big affect on your "Chances". Not to discourage you. If you were a Junior in High School and was going to apply this coming year, I would definitely tell you that you need to raise your GPA, SAT Scores, participate in a varsity sport, and have volunteer time. Unfortunately, you don't have the time to do all that. The best thing for you to do is to talk to your ALO. They can tell you based on current and past applicants how you stand. Either way, do the best on the things you do have time and control over. Kick butt on the CFA. If you haven't had your ALO interview yet, make sure you blow them away with enthusiasm and determination. You should be in contact with them continually. Asking questions, seeking advice, preparing for the CFA, etc...

By all means give it 100%. FWIW; If you had said your gpa was 3.9+/Class rank #2/ 3 years varsity sports/ all IB/AP classes/ 200+ hours of volunteer time/ bla bla bla; OR if you had a 3.2gpa/ class rank 50%/ no sports/ no activities/ no volunteer time/ etc... Then either one would be a real easy way to say your chances. E.g. 1st one GREAT; 2nd one NO WAY IN HELL. But unfortunately you are sort of in the middle. That's not bad, but it makes it hard to stand out. ALO's interviews go a long way. They can definitely make the "BORDER LINE" applicant have a chance. They can also make the 4.0 gpa student have no chance in the world. Best of luck to you. Mike.....
Isn't there a significant advantage to being an Eagle Scout (in regards to admission)?
It helps like any other extracurricular would. It is significant, but keep in mind many here are and its not completely unique. Not to say its not a great accomplishment, it will help, but its not a deal breaker really.
I think Christcorp has made terrific points you should heed. People will tell you everywhere that you are applying from a very competitive state...realize that MD has many parents that are AD at the Puzzle Palace, likewise for VA. Granted these kids will be eligible for a presidential, but only 100 can receive an appt. Thus, they too will rely on the MOC's. I suggest a couple of things you might want to ask your ALO.

1. How are you going to rank me against the other cadets...your ALO rec is apart of the WCS, and thus if you are number 1 you will get a higher score. Also it should make you feel more comfortable about your competition.

2. How many applicants does your ALO have? If he/she has 10, then you know your area is very competitve...ask him if all of the cadets are asking from the same rep and if there are more ALOs in the district. If you are all in the same area and there is no other ALO, than you know who is on your competition list. For our DS the ALO had 7 kids, but they were spread among 2 districts, which meant there were other ALOs with more competition. For our DS he was the only one to receive all 4 nom sources.

3. With my record what do you think my chances are? They will typically not give you a you're in, but can tell you I think you are strong here, but weak here. Then see if you can fill in those holes.

Finally, be realistic, do you know anyone from previous yrs that got in from your school? What was their class rank, gpa, etc...are you competitive against them

Your school also plays into the formula when they assign points...it's one thing to have a low GPA from 1 of the top 100 h.s. in the nation and another from 1 that does not send alot of their kids to Ivies. They really do look at that, it is a part of the GC report. The GC tells how many kids go to CC, 4 yr state and 4 yr Ivie. They also report how many AP classes the school has, think about it some schools have 30+ AP or Jump Start, some have 5 or 6. If you go to the latter and took all of the APs it looks better than the applicant who only took a few instead of their entire schedule.

I also agree with hornet it is great to have Eagle and you will get points for it, butg it is not a hook
Since the nomination process involves an actual interview, none of us are really able to assess how you will come across since all we can do is read your resume.

I agree with what someone posted above that you are thin in the Athletic category. I don't think most people consider 'Band' or being on a dance team as a sport, don't know enough about what all the sport of 'backpacking' includes to have an opinion.

Some things you also list in more than one category which can make it look like you are trying to pad your resume. Perhaps you had significant leadership experience in the things you did, but that isn't obvious from reading your resume.
I agree with youR points, they all make sense. One thing to keep in mind is however I did list athletic activities, I didn't really consider them sports...As far as band is concerned, our marching band practices and competes more than our school football team. We are nationally known and have played all over the world. My high school is also highly competitive, and although I am unsure of the rank, it must be in or near the top 100. And if you were familiar with BSA or OA, you would probably understand that I do have significant leadership experience.