Immunizations Documentation

Jul 4, 2016
I've searched through SAF, but I cannot find an answer to this particular question. It might be a straightforward answer, but I'm just not thinking of it.

I had to get blood titers for the chicken pox vaccine and MMR vaccines. Do I have to wait to submit my immunizations record until I receive the results of these or can I send it in without them? On the actual portal, there are no options for inputting the date for the blood titers, so I was not sure how to indicate that I had them done or if I had to indicate it in some way at all.

Thank you in advance for your responses!
I am also an appointee for 2021, I thought we had to have the blood titer results on the copy of our immunization record we send them. I may be wrong, but that is the impression I had.
Thank you so much for your responses! I thought so and then I second guessed myself (never a good pastime).