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    My DS told us he needed to get a few shots before I Day. We called to make an appointment and the doctor's office said any missing shots would be given upon his arrival and if we opted to do it ahead of time it would come out of pocket and likely not be covered by insurance. Our DS insists he needs the shots ahead of I Day. Does anyone know for sure?
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    Any shots he doesn't have will be administered on I Day. Probably not the best day to get a bunch of immunizations. His arm will be sore and he won't feel well. We printed out the prescription for the polio vaccine and the TB test. They are on the portal. We have United Healthcare and all the shots have been covered. It's a Nurse's Visit. Our DD got a tetanus booster, polio, flu and a TB test.

    Make sure they understand your son is going to college and not enlisting in the Air Force.
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    We went to our health department for the polio and TB and cost us $40 total.
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    We took our DS ahead of time and got the shots for the very reason Replevin stated here. ^^ We figured the last thing he needed on I-Day were a bunch of shots and a sore arm that he had to carry everything in all day long. I would suggest doing it ahead of time if possible and affordable.
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    Go ahead and get vaccinations ahead of time. Space them out. There could be more than a sore arm if given all of them at the academy. I've known of a few kids who enlisted and got pushed back due to vaccine reactions. Academy cadets don't have an opportunity to be pushed back a week or so, so I wouldn't risk it.
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    Why wouldn't your DS still be on your insurance until I-Day? Or is it because these are considered "optional" immunizations rather than "required" (from the physician's standpoint)?

    Our DD got two shots yesterday and will get three next month, all free at our local pharmacy through our insurance. The pharmacy then sends an electronic report to the physician's office since they're the ones who'll fill out the immunization form for the academy (we only know CGA, so maybe your immunization reporting method is different). Our doctor charges a fortune for immunizations ($800 out-of-pocket for HPV series for instance), but at the pharmacy we were charged absolutely nothing.

    The local health department is another great way to go. Out here (CA) they ask if the "immunizations" are covered by your insurance, not if the "patient" is covered. Since our physicians charge so much, the health department was delighted to provide this service and we were delighted to pay as little as $6 per immunization. We went there all through our kids' childhood, but the pharmacy is working even better for us now.

    I agree with Replevin and Badge - my dad told stories about how many shots the drafts would get, and we are happy that our DD won't have to enter Swab Summer feeling sore and sickly (if she's fortunate enough to be pulled off the wait list).
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    I might be remembering this incorrectly but last year you couldn't advance in the portal if you didn't submit a record of all the immunizations that they asked for. I would check that. Some of them seemed unusual (like getting another booster for something that technically she was up-to-date for) but they said that it had to be gotten anyway.

    Luckily everything was covered by insurance so we went ahead and did it.
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