Importance of B&G Officers


Mar 3, 2017
I know it is the luck of the draw, but my B&G officer and regional B&G officer have been outstanding. I think the other academies are missing out since they are getting away from the use of them. I know going into this process I was undecided on which service or academy is the best fit. They have been a big part of my decision making. They have been spot on answering questions and helping through the application and nomination process. My USAFA interviewer was great but her job isn't really to help, but to evaluate. My ALO has answered questions but since the change this year, he is not into building relationships. USMA non existent.

I am just surprised the amount of time and money the academies invest in finding the best and brightest, that they all don't emphasize the importance this role the same.
Since they are all volunteers, the academies might be wise to limit their reliance on them in one way or another. You cannot enforce standard quality across a national volunteer force. I'm confident there are many BGOs who match the quality of what you saw with the ALO and FFR. For all these folks their family and jobs must come first.