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    Power and internet is out at KP. I was asked by administration to relay the following information. Please spread to all concerned parties:


    As of 3:30pm Sunday August 28, rain and winds at Kings Point are subsiding. Damage from the storm has been minimal, with a few tree limbs down and a couple of roof leaks. The Academy is currently without power, and without network/internet capability.
    Due to local road and mass transit conditions, the class/leave schedule set forth last week remains in effect. Specifically:
    There will be no classes held Monday and Tuesday, August 29th and 30th.
    Company Officers, Department of Public Works, Security and Food Service staff should report for work as normal on Monday, August 29th.
    Other staff and faculty are eligible for telework and unscheduled leave on Monday August 29th.
    All faculty and staff should report for work as normal on Tuesday, August 30th.
    Midshipmen shall return from leave on Tuesday, August 30th in accordance with class rates:
    Plebes – 1800; 3/c – 1900, 2/c – 2000, 1/c – 2100.

    Any additional information and instructions will be promulgated via this web site and Amerilert.

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