Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

@severn your digestive issues could be as simple as a contact with a germ. On your hand. A door handle anywhere. and then consumed when eating anything.

Over the 6 yrs I’ve paid attention, and countless experiences of all the shares here and elsewhere, as well as Mids and their families, I’ve never heard of a single issue.

IDC if you try the place again, but it’s unfair to
label them the source of your ‘issues’. Hundreds of others would have experienced the exact same outcome. And I suspect with the popularity of the place with Mids, etc, it would be front page news. Literally.

Also, my SIL is a butcher. With a 4yr meat science degree. Bacon does have an expiration date.
... so if it's just me I can just eat monkey, cobra, iguana meats. But I have a DW who is overly protective of DS.
... so all this stuff I'm writing is real... albeit there's a bullhorn in the house X 2.
I have tried every one of these foods except for carrot juice. (Everyone has their limits.) I can say with great confidence that all of them are very good — and would be even better with a side of bacon. 🤪

I also know that if we give the good @Capt MJ enough time, she’ll unearth some recipe that incorporates all those ingredients and bacon in a heartwarming dish that she serves her sponsor mids to great reviews. 😉 I would like a copy of that recipe, please.
You can't beat carrot juice. My favorite. Highly recommend you give it a try
Adducere domum lardum. Raw carrot Yes cooked carrot No. Never tried the juice though. Someone forgot the Water Buffalo steaks and the old Monkey Ball Soup with three pieces of chicken at the side of the road for 25 cents


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I ate dog on a stick once that looked like that. In my defense it had bacon wrapped around it and I didn't know it was dog at the time.
I was also combat-ineffective from ingesting about a gallon of beer over the course of the preceding 90 minutes.
And let’s get back to our regularly schedule programming in this thread… bacon. If bacon makes you happy, please keep talking about it. I love listening to people talk about their recipes and in fact I just love listening to people be excited about things in life.

Two days of grease, love, and happiness

Downtown Easton, PA | Nov 4 – 5, 2023
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

I took the last week off to catch up on some outdoor projects. To celebrate the successful completion of said projects, my wife took me to breakfast yesterday to a new "pancake house" style of restaurant. We both ordered the same thing, which came with Wright bacon. She's a vegetarian, so I got double bacon. I heard angels singing.
Saw this and thought of everyone here who is wondering how to ensure a visit from the EMTs:



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Saw this and thought of everyone here who is wondering how to ensure a visit from the EMTs:

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Heck, you can just duct tape this to the fat accumulation point of your choice, for the same result. That is truly megalithic in nature. “Bomb” is accurate.