Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

When we watch a Nats game onscreen, I often do fun-food dinner that’s easily held in the lap on one of the vintage monkey pod wood square plates from the Philippines (discussed somewhere else in the vast SAF forum).

Sun-dried tomato bagels picked up from the bagel place on West St. in Annapolis, the hole in the wall recommended by the 5th Batt chaplain Rabbi P lo these many years ago. I also patronize Naval Bagels, but as a local, today I was avoiding the Stadium-Graul’s area. I made my own sun-dried tomato cream cheese. Topped the toasted bagels with Wright’s (of course) bacon, served open face. Made my own coleslaw with a chipotle dressing. DH just grilled fresh pineapple spears basted with rum butter.

Herewith the proof (never fear, I hadn’t yet topped off the other half with bacon):

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Don’t vote me off the island but I’ve actually had bacon spam. At the request of my exchange students from South Korea. They had me make a fried rice with it. And it was actually tasty. And became one of their favorite dishes.

Haven’t had it since they left.
It says "with real bacon", so it passes the thread test. I don't think that stuff would make your arteries slam shut any faster or slower than just bacon. :p