Important questions from a high school senior


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Nov 3, 2008
Hi everyone I'm new to there forums. I have a couple of questions. First of all my dream is to graduate the USAFA and go on to become an F-22 pilot. I would like to attend a military college before-hand though.

  • Which junior military college has the best service academy preparation program?
  • What scholarships are available (I cannot afford to pay anything)?
  • What are the pilot medical qualifications and can I be evaluated for to determine if I can be a future pilot?

I don't know if this helps but I have a 3.5 GPA with many honors classes, have outstanding extracurricular activity (raised 17k for March of Dimes, state ranked public speaker, etc.), and am in very good shape (use to be a great wrestler but faced a bad injury).

I would greatly appreciate any guidance possible.
(use to be a great wrestler but faced a bad injury).

Ummm, not good.

You must pass a medical qualification board, and a history of a "bad injury" can be a disqualification.

But you'll never know unless you try, good luck to you!
Well I'm by no means crippled, Is there any document that i could take to my doctor or a special doctor in my area?
First, why do you want to go to another college beforehand?
(There are good and uh...not quite as good reasons) has the basic medical requirements listed.
Thanks for the link raimius, since I didn't get my request for a nomination in on time and because of a low SAT score in writing I won't even be able to attend the USAFA next June. With a year at a junior military college such as MMI (which I was just accepted into) I would be able to learn how to study the right way, in addition to preparing myself for the cadet life style. With that said, i'm an extremely hard worker but I am a grade hunter and learning how to study, I'm sure, would be vital to success at the USAFA. In additon learning military basics is something that a junior military college could provide that most regular colleges could not.
If it is too late for you this year because of lacking a nomination, MMI and NMMI both have service academy prep programs.
You don't need to be sponsored by the academy but do need to meet some specific academic criteria.

I suggest you check out their websites- MMI's is there is a link to the SAP on the home page.
FYI - MMI also has AF ROTC.

There are some other good programs as well - what part of the country are you from?
I've heard good things about MMI's service academy prep program, do you know if Valley Forge has one and if it's any good? I live in northern New Jersey but am willing to travel anywhere. I have been accepted into MMI already but do they have any specific scholarships i can apply for?
Yes - Valley Forge has a Service Academy Prep program. West Point uses them for their sponsored civil prep kids now.
They are much more expensive than MMI - I think.

Check them both out. If you have any questions about MMI pm me - my daughter went there.
Well I'm by no means crippled, Is there any document that i could take to my doctor or a special doctor in my area?

You may want to review the 450+ disqualification codes at DODMERB and consult Larry Mullen (Dep Director of DODMERB - right here in the DODMERB section) to get a general idea of how your "bad injury" will be viewed.

You don't have to be anywhere near "crippled" to get a DQ, sometimes a simple history of a condition/illness/injury can be enough to cancel a dream.

Take my advice for what you paid for it. :cool:
My best friends here went to MMI and Valley Forge (Basic+frosh roomie at VF and current usual roomy went to MMI) and a bud I graduated with went to NMMI (as well as my sponsor mom). The falcon foundation programs at all three seemed to work out great for them (another couple friends did the Northwestern program which is good too). Based on their inputs, quality of life and prep would follow this order: NW>MMI>NMMI>VF

I'd say you've made a good decision, hopefully it will help you get to USAFA.
Thank you everyone for all your advice so far. Hornetguy would you say your friends from MMI were more prepared for the USAFA compare to your friends from VF?
Tough, they both have different personalities and strengths. I'd say they were both pretty well prepared for the military life from both. Based on quality of life and social interactions, it sounded to me like MMI was far more professional with a better quality of life.