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    So some of my credentials are as follows:


    ACT: 28
    -Math 28
    -English 31
    -Reading 26
    -Science 27
    -Combined English/Writing 29
    -Writing 8 (range 2-12)

    Class rank: 7/76

    GPA: 4.0


    Founder and President of the Optimist Club (my school's chapter)
    Awarded the Optimist Club Youth Appreciation Award for ^
    NHS: 2 years + Current VP
    NJHS: 1 or 2? however long you can be?
    National Spanish Honor Society: 4 Years
    Spanish Club: 4 years
    National Art Honor Society: 3 years
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes: 1 year
    Mu Alpha Theta (Math honor society): 1 year

    Community service:

    Volunteer at the Special Olympics: 8 Hours
    Various Projects with NHS 30+ hours
    Spiritual Emphasis Day (Volunteer work for mentally/physically disabled) 15 hrs


    Football JV 2 years
    Varsity Letterman twice (will be after this season)
    Possible team captain this year (voted on by teammates)
    Player of the Week (Football)
    Being Recruited by Princeton, Furman, Harvard, West Point, Cornell, and a few more (West Point being my big #1)
    2011 Alabama 3A Football State Runner-ups
    2012 Alabama 3A Football State Champions (starter w/ 3 batted down passes and 2 sacks during the game)
    Ranked 3rd Best linebacker with the highest grade given out at the Invite only NUC Fivestar showcase in Atlanta, Georgia.
    JV Basketball 2 years

    Background info on athletics:

    I am 6'2", 215 lbs. 4.9 40 yd dash. Power Clean 245 lbs, Squat 345, bench 235. I am a Tight end/defensive end in football and I sometimes play Outside Linebacker.

    CFA Performance:

    84' BB throw
    8.0 Sec Shuttle run
    86 Sit ups
    55 Pushups
    5 Pull-ups
    7:30 Mile run

    So what are my chances? What can I improve on (plz don't list stuff only, please list help on HOW to improve as well)? What are some things I could sign up for that would add to all of this? Anything helps!

    Note: I may have missed some stuff because I didn't really take that long to write all of this.
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    Somebody's going to reply that you need all of your ACT scores in the 30's, but if you are being recruited by the West Point Football Coach, your scores may be good enough. I really don't know how much of a break athletes get. The whole recruited athlete thing is a mystery to me. Try to get Captain for sure.

    One thing for sure, improving your ACT scores certainly won't hurt. I think the next ACT is late September. I'd get a book and study the math over the summer until I couldn't study anymore.
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    I knew that about the ACT, and I just retook that a week or two ago. Also, I am going to take it again. Anything else?
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    Overall you look competitive however the competition keeps getting tougher year in and year out. So ...

    - Keep volunteering regularly and commit to one or two things rather than four different things occasionally;

    - Don't take anything for granted and don't lose focus on your academics. That means take the hardest classes you can handle while keeping the grades up;

    - Look for ways to exhibit leadership and seek out challenges. Become someone others want to emulate.

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