In college AFROTC scholarship chances?


Dec 24, 2015
If I have a 3.4 GPA after my first semester in college as a physics major, do I have a descent chance of getting an in college 3.5 year scholarship? Thanks!
Nobody can really answer that question for one simple reason. None of us know how much is left in the bank!

There have been years where every one got a scholarship that was put up for it. There were years that they actually stated there will be no ICSP board.

HQ AFROTC has a limited pot of gold. If more AS100s activated the scholarship than they had intended than the chances will decrease.
~ HQ always offers more scholarships than they expect to activate because they know that many will apply for SAs and other ROTC scholarships.

A few years ago the rate was insanely low because the pool size was huge while at the same time the activation rate was high. Recently it has been common because they are in an equilibrium between HSSP activation and pool size.

Good luck. You do look like you have a strong cgpa, but as you know a lot more goes into the package than just your grades. You can have a 3.4, but if your PFA is an 85 and your CoC ranks you bottom half, it is not going to be the same as the non-tech cadet with a 3.4, 97 PFA, and top cadet. I would give better odds of the non-tech getting in that scenario.
Also how do you rank in your Det? That played a huge role in the decision for the Det/CC to give out Commanders Scholarships if they're available.
You never really find out. Most Det CCS will never tell you, but you should have some sort of honest idea about how you rank against your peers.
I honestly have no clue. My detachment is the largest AFROTC detachment (VT) They are going to call us in for performance reviews soon.