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    Midshipman 1st Class Max Allen.

    As per the Naval Academy's FB page:

    "The Naval Academy family is deeply saddened by the loss of Midshipman 1st Class Max Allen, 25, of Chesterfield, Va., who was the victim of a fatal automobile accident that occurred on Naval Academy grounds over the weekend.

    Midshipman Allen was an oceanography major and member of 1st Company. He played on the Club Soccer Team and participated in both the Italian-American and Japanese-American clubs here at the academy. He was slated to serve in the aviation community as a Naval Flight Officer after graduation and commissioning this May.

    As we all struggle to come to terms with this sudden and tragic loss, our heartfelt condolences go out especially to Max’s family, close friends and classmates. They are in all our thoughts during this very difficult time."

    Prayers to his family, friends, and the USNA community.
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    Tragic lost. My DD had him as one of her detailers this past summer. In her words, "he was awesome".
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    The USNA Parent Community Facebook page has information about the funeral service, burial and reception next week. Midshipmen will be able to pay their respects to the Allen Family. The USNA Central VA Parent's Club will be sponsoring the reception and light refreshments.

    Contributions for the reception are appreciated if anyone is interested.

    Checks made to: USNA Parent's Club of Central VA
    Mailed to:
    Margaret Powers
    2430 Stone Post Terrace
    Richmond, VA 23233

    If contributions exceed the costs, the excess will be forwarded to The Travis Manion Foundation.

    The Allen family has designated The Travis Manion Foundation as a recipient to honor Max's memory. Travis was a 2004 USNA graduate and served two tours in Iraq before making the ultimate sacrifice in 2007 while covering enemy sniper fire for his fellow Marines. More information about Travis and making donations to his foundation can be found on his web site.
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    In memory Of....

    God Speed to him and his family.


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