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    On the "Instruction to candidate" , (

    On page 2, under Candidate checklist 3, it says " You must first complete three of six of the items on page 5 in order for your name to be forwarded to DODMERB for scheduling an exam. ",

    but page 5 has no 6 items, who can help and explain what are the 6 items? Thanks a lot.
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    On the main application, where it shows completed actions, such as essays, transcripts/school profile, SAT/ACT, teachers eval, etc... I don't have it in front of me, but you have to have 3 or more completed. The boxes will have check marks as they get completed.
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    Look on page 6...typos happen, page numbers change...

    D. Medical Examination
    Once you have entered into the candidate phase AND completed three of the following six items:
    1) Candidate Fitness Assessment (USAFA Form 158)
    2) Candidate Personal Data Record (USAFA Form 146)
    3) Candidate Activities Record (USAFA Form 147)
    4) Names submitted for all three Teacher Evaluations (USAFA Form 145)
    5) Writing Sample (USAFA Form 0-878)
    6) Drug & Alcohol Abuse Certificate (AF Form 2030)
    6 We will forward your name to DODMERB. DODMERB will send you specific scheduling instructions. Your examination will be at
    the civilian examination centers contracted by DODMERB and managed by Concorde.

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