Inaugural parade lineup for this afternoon


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Feb 2, 2008
For those interested- link to the parade lineup this afternoon. USArmy and USMA leads the pack. VMI is just about the last parade unit past the reviewing stand with an expected time to pass in review around 1700 (5pm)- USMMA is not far ahead of VMI so they will also be late in the day. I think that CSPAN may be the only start to finish coverage of the parade as the broadcast stations are planning to cut away periodically so if you are waiting for VMI- keep CSPAN handy. I would certainly hate to be wading through that crowd today - bad day for claustrophobics.
All of them looked good, but any impartial observer will agree that VMI was the most impressive! (And of course I am totally impartial so you can just take me word for it!)

Seriously- Congratulations and God-speed Mr President.
Does anyone have a link to the entire parade? I can't find a good video of the academy bands.
Handin' it to all the academies & military colleges for representing so well! They all looked so great & made us all very proud. Hope they have some warmth going on by now. :thumb:
Ugh! I was very frustrated by how covered up everyone was :eek:. In beautiful 27 degree weather, you don't need a face covering! Oh, well. I'm also going to be the weird Minnesotan swimming in the ocean in FL next month in the 50 degree weather. Tee-Shirts and Shorts, HERE I COME!!! (even if it's only for a few days):yllol:
I think VMI brought all of their cadets. That was impressive.

On a side note, several things bothered me about the inauguration.

1. The congresswoman for California really angered me (her name escapes me, but she introduced everyone before the oath). She blatantly insulted Former President George W. Bush and his administration. I could not believe how disrespectful she was.

2. An NBC reporter commented on the place where Obama was walking once. He said something like "In the last few inaugurations, the ground hasn't been covered in snow. This is due mainly to global warming."
Thanks to KT for pointing that one out. My jaw just dropped at this.
I missed the USMMA :( but I did enjoyed the parade

The President obviously forgot, or maybe someone didnt tell him when his troops pass in front of him and salute... the President salutes back!
I didn't watch it. I was very productive however....

Here's just a taste of how productive I was today.

Woke up.
Finished cleaning living room.
Had slow leak flat tire fixed.
Had hair cut (buzz).
Mailed off box full of birthday gifts for girlfriend.
Watch season 3 episode of Weeds on BluRay.
Met up with friend and ate Subway (listened to speech on radio in car)
Went to the movies (saw was good).
Did 3 loads of laundry.
Paid my Comcast bill.
Ate dinner.
Watched Michael Clayton on BluRay.
Watched more episodes of Weeds on BluRay.

That was it. That was my productive day on my day off. Traffic wasn't bad either, although I did avoid the beltway.