Indoc has begun


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Jun 9, 2006
best of luck to the class of 2010. It is hard to believe that it has been nine years since I stood in that first noon formation. I even forgot my belt, but I still graduated, so even if your child messes up there is still a good chance they will graduate :)
Almost done. Now its on to the hard stuff. Physics I & II, Calc I & II all in one year in addition to more classes, inspections, regimental duties, cleaning stations, watches & the list goes on & on. My kid has 51 credits for this year. How they live through it, I just don't know. Indoc is a fun summer camp compared to what is getting ready to happen, so they say.

I talked with some Mids last week-end & they said they'd gotten more sleep during Indoc than they did during the academic year. Hope the Candidates/Soon to be Plebe Candidates are resting up! :biggrin:
I was told that about the sleep as well. It's a bunch of baloney, well unless you count the late nights talking on Instant Messenger, haha. The academics are tough, but you can definately get plenty of sleep, especially if you're a deckie :thumb:
LOL, very true in my deckie Mid's case. He has never complained about the midnight to 4am watches. I've never seen such a night owl. He'll do well on the night shift. Leaves in the morning for Honolulu to catch his ship. Talk about jazzed. He's ready.