"Inisde The Academies" on Discovery Military Channel


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Jun 12, 2006
"Inside The Academies" on Discovery Military Channel

For those of you with the Military Channel you might want to watch this. It comes on Saturday (Today) at 3 (I think) and lasts 3 hours. I caught a part of it when it aired before and it was cool to watch.

BTW it covers all of the Academies, not just the Naval. I just remember that it focused a lot on the Naval Academy. (at least the part I saw)
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I have them all recorded on my television. They are really great to watch, and they do give you insight into the academies, but they are alittle outdated. I think they were copy righted in 1997. To me, it seems like alot of the Air Force Academy is shown, but that is just my perception. Hopefully, they will come out with a newer documentary on the academies. My favorite is "Surviving the First Year".
Thanks for the heads up though!
Check your TV Guide - it's on at a noon in California

Thanks for posting this - I am looking forward to seeing it. Glad I checked out the TV Guide though - in our area it begins at 12:00! I never check the TV Guide but for some reason, I did this time. I even have enough time to go get a few tapes so we can tape it!

sorry, I was a little vague on the time. it comes on at 2 o'clock central which i guess is 1 hour from now
What did you think about them? Were they insightful and somewhat inspiring to you as they are to me everytime I watch them?
I thought they were great. My daughter is out of town so wasn't able to watch them, but I taped them for her. She'll watch them soon I am sure. I think it was good to see a little insight of each academy. We have visited AF and WP but have not been able to get to Annapolis, CG or USMMA yet so I was very glad to see the mix of stuff and can't wait to share it with her to see her opinion.
Wow! I checked this post at like 3:15 and was like "RUN!" so I jumped downstairs and watched all 3 of 'em. They were pretty good. I think they documented the class of '02. They were pretty sweet.
The "surviving the first year" is pretty insightful for a tv documentary. However, seeing it and living it are two very different things! It did prepare me for that first day's wake up call at USAFA. My roommate thought there was some sort of imminent disaster when they started banging on the door at 4:30.
that show is actually what inspired me to pursue an Academy. I saw it about a year and a half ago and was just like "wow, I want to be a part of something that great"
That show isn't exactly what inspired me to look into the academies, especially the United States Naval Academy, but it did help alot with concreting that I want to become an officer in the department of the Navy, the United States Marine Corps. It does show alot of what goes on at the academies, but I don't think that they show some of the things that really happens. That you just have to wait and see once you get accepted and enter the academies.
Hope everyone enjoyed them and someone else was inspired to look online at the academies different websites.
If somebody who recorded it can make a torrent of it that would be fabulous as i missed it.