Injured before NROTC NSI


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May 27, 2021
I got injured during our spring football season and have a grade II LCL Injury to the knee. I have already been selected for the NROTC scholarship and placed at a University but I won’t be physically ready for NSI anytime soon (Till late August at earliest) Am I able to get a medical waiver? What should I do?
Did you send an email to Larry Mullen like he told you to do in your other thread?


If he hasn’t replied then he didn’t get your email. Double check the address that you sent it to and verify that it’s correct. You should get an automatic out-of-office reply if it’s the correct address.

Path to recovery for a LCL grade 2 is typically 3 weeks to 3 months. One of my dd’s had one in November and that’s from one of America’s top orthopedic surgeons. Is yours that severe that you need more than a full 3 months? Your scholarship will not activate until you can pass the pft and be active in nrotc. Make sure you understand a mechanical injury like this may put your scholarship especially for the fall semester and maybe entirely at risk. You should also be discussing options of attending the last NSI or your unit nso and agree with the other specific path other noted above of requesting expert guidance. Make sure you have a backup plan to pay for your first semester. Make sure you know what you need to do.
The conundrum is you need to heal but if an lcl level 2 is so bad as to require that recovery window you may get dq’d from the whole program or need months for a waiver or appeal to work out.

alternatively tackle your. Dr approved Bike work/ swimming work pt and ensure you are back from this with a full range of motion in time for the last NsI offered. I see risk here on you being active for the Fall semester of it’s that bad. I’ll restate. Careful you don’t get yourself dq’d in how you document and over the time you need for this injury. So many stories of honest medical disclosures leading to sayonara or uphill fights to get a waiver.

good luck and I hope you work through this successfully.
**I have made an initial inquiry to your email. Awaiting your response. **

YOUR disclosures will have ZERO to with your DoDMERB DQ and NROTC waiver status. :wiggle: