Injured wrist - Reporting to citadel next week

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    Earlier this summer I injured the ligaments in my wrist and needed a cast (surgery was unnecessary). They told me it was just a bad sprain. I have still been able to workout and I can do modified push-ups on my fists.

    I'm looking for some advice. In the case that it is still bothering me when I matriculate at the Citadel should I contact the school now and tell them I need to do modified push-ups?

    I can do them perfectly fine on my fists, it's just that flexing my wrist back still bothers me and I would like to allow my wrist to heal.
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    If you read item #5 of your medical form it reads as follows:

    "If you develop significant illness or injury after submitting your medical forms, please ask your doctor to send a short, interim report describing your current medical status and anticipated status at matriculation. These Interim reports must be received as soon as possible after the illness or injury; your application will not be complete until we receive them."

    I would contact admissions as well as secure a doctor's note regarding your injury.
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    Yes, submit the report, contact the infirmary.... and then if allowed per The Citadel Infirmary, do the modified push up.

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