Injury during Plebe Summer?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by CandidateElias15, May 2, 2011.

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    What would happen if a Plebe got injured during Plebe Summer?
    For example, the day after I-Day, he breaks his arm.
    Would he be separated? What about insurance?

    I know USNA recommends keeping personal health insurance, and I intend to, I'm just skeptical as to what happens if I get injured once I'm there.
    Thanks! :thumb:
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    Usually you stay, you're just "on chit," which prevents you from doing a lot of things, particularly PT events, with the company. You do not want to be on chit.

    One of my plebes fell off the rope on the O-Course and broke his leg and was allowed to finish plebe summer. It completely screwed him over for almost all of first semester with rankings, PE classes, etc.
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    Up until you clear medical on I-day, even a simple medical issue (for instance, a seriously sprained ankle) can be a problem that can prevent you from getting to take your Oath of Office.

    After you sign up and take your Oath, it takes a much more serious injury or illness for you to be kicked out (separated). If you hurt yourself such that you would be expected to fully recover and be eligible for full duty status, there should be no problem.
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    It's a case-by-case issue. Sprains and the like won't be an issue. Breaking your leg on day 2 of PS could be.

    There's nothing you can do about it. Do your best not to do something "stupid" before I-Day. After that, you're in the USN and it's up to them what happens if you get injured.
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    There always seems to be a few "Broken Plebes" after a week or 2 of PS participating with their squads as best as they can /when they can( not a desirable situation)'s so important to be physically conditioned for the rigors and high humidity of PS , which is an important way to build resistance to many injuries....also get those running shoes well broken-in weeks before I-day .:thumb:

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