Injury very near r-day

Mar 26, 2023
Hey guys, posting on here for some advice and input. I broke a pinky playing my sport, and have bot gotten it officially checked out in fear of complicating my just recently waived medical file. The opinions of multiple doctors off the record have been that there is shattering and loose bone in the finger, and surgery would be the ideal route. I am a chipped athlete for one of the varsity teams at USMA, but more important than the sport is the opportunity to go to USMA. I know the proper thing to do would be report the injury, but it seems that reporting may dq me medically and push me back to c/o '28. What are your opinions on reporting and seeking treatment vs not reporting and allowing it to heal improperly?
Get it medically tended to.

Report it to DODMERB.

Work through the process.

I am nursing a broken foot atm. And if you don’t heal your bone correctly, and under medical care, you can do a lot of damage. Including infection, beyond the break.

And if not tended to, you could permanently disfigure your hand.

If you have to wait a year? It’s not the end of the world. Certainly not worth potential permanent damage, or complications. And you may NOT have to wait a year.

It’s a no-brainer. Get it looked at by a specialist.
It's a finger so chances are that, if treated promptly and carefully, it'll probably heal just fine. The real risk is that you do do something dumb and make it into something significant by not treating it promptly and carefully. The lesser risk is that it's not a simple break and not treating it promptly makes things even worse. You were granted admission because you looked to have the makings of a competent decision maker. This would be a bad way to begin your career.
You already answered your own question. You said yourself "I know the proper thing to do would be to report it." It's not proper; it is required. Failure to report it not only creates a future problem for medical reasons, it also calls into question your commitment to following the rules of honor and integrity at the Academy. Skirting the rules or reporting for your own benefit is not the correct path to choose.
I appreciate the input- I called coach up this morning and reported to him, getting checked out tomorrow morning. You all are right, I did know what the right thing to do was- I just didn't have my priorities straight in my head. I will take your comments as a lesson going forward, and if a year of setback is what it takes to get to USMA, then Ill make the most of that year. Thanks!
Report it. Your life will be hell if you don't and go to BEAST with a wrecked hand. And you might get medboarded if it's debilitating.
If it looks like you might get set back a year as far as the SA ask the coach about the SA prep school.

A great place to rehab, get stronger, smarter, and get quite comfortable with military life.
Would a person need to get a medical waiver to be able to attend the prep school?
Would a person need to get a medical waiver to be able to attend the prep school?
They would have to be offered a spot at the Prep School by the SA

There are those that show up at prep the first day on crutches. I have no idea if they had an actual waver or the SA just said——its prep school for you and we know you are injured..

I know some that studied and rehabbed the whole year while at prep. And did very little of the physical stuff.

But the big issue——-there has to be an offer.