Interest in the 61A Scientific Analyst career field [USAF]

Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by AFrpaso, Mar 31, 2015.

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    I'm a sophomore at USAFA and I'm starting my research on potential AFSCs for my dream sheet.

    I recently went on a week long trip to the Space and Missile Center at LAAFB, LA to get a first hand look at the 62 Developmental Engineering and 63 Acquisitions careers fields. It was an amazing trip but also an eye-opener in terms of the day to day responsibilities of those AFSCs.

    I'm very interested in the 61A Scientific Analyst option. However, this would require a switch in academic major, a decision which I would definitely need to make before the Fall 2015 semester.

    I was hoping that some one on these forums may be or could get me in contact with a 61A so we can talk about the specialty. Thanks in advance!

    (Yes, I have resources here at the Academy, just putting the feelers out to get the broadest picture.)
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    I'm a 64P Contracting Officer, and I've worked with plenty of 62s and 63s. I haven't had any interaction with 61s, but I would assume that it is pretty similar to the 62 career field. Last I knew the Air Force was severely reducing 61 and 62 manning, and there seems to be a strong push to get a PhD if you want to make O-6. Your most likely shot at command will be outside your primary duty (think training squadrons) or as a "Materiel Leader," which as far as I can tell is a "Director" level billet, not a traditional command.

    Its not the traditional military structure. Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll see if I can find something.
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    try an internship at the USAF FFRDC The Aerospace Corporation - Official Site or the DOD R&D FFRDC Lincoln Lab

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    I'm currently doing an internship at MIT Lincoln Labs, it's really amazing and a great opportunity and there are a lot of academy cadets there too (most between junior and senior years). Anyhow, feel free to PM me with any questions!

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