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Ok. This is going to sound like a total noob question, but I am genuinely confused. My AP and I are scheduled to interview at a café. That being said, should I sit inside the café and wait for my AP to get there? Or wait in my car until they go inside? Y’all, I know this seems trivial but help a gal out please 😅


Sit inside near the door and look for someone with a clipboard/folder coming in.
They will be looking for a young person sitting by themselves who is looking around for someone.


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You've got this! Relax in your car until just a few minutes early, then go on in. If your Admissions Partner is already there, they will probably spot you first. If not, just wait near the door and take the time to collect your thoughts. It should be easy to recognize your AP by their uniform or blue Admissions polo or possibly other CG attire. You'll feel most confident if you are dressed for the occasion and are prepared to talk a bit about yourself and your interest in USCGA. It's also a great time to get your questions answered, so bring any which you may have jotted down. Congrats and good luck with your interview!
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Our DS arrived before his BGO, he went into the cafe, ordered water for them both and was reading the paper when the BGO arrived. BGO said it was a first, and he was pleasantly surprised. Good luck to you!