Interview Questions from MOC?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by SamAca10, Sep 25, 2009.

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    Does anyone know what a MOC might ask? Is there a thread on this website that has a list of the possible questions they may ask? I am looking specifically for the really hard to answer ones.

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    Each board is different every yr for the same MOC. Hard ones usually are the simplest ones, because you do not expect them. For example, what is the last book you read outside of school and why? Or what was the latest current event you read, and tell me how you feel about it. Or give me an example of the hardest thing you had to overcome. It comes from left field and you sit there going uh. uh. uh. DS said his hardest question was they saw he had a B in AP Calc, compared to all A's for all of his other math classes on his transcript, did he feel he had senioritis (interview was in jan)? He told him no, I just don't like the class, I like stats better...the ALO on the committee laughed and said, I hated Calc too!

    Most MOC boards are made up of volunteers across the community, thus, they all have different philosophies. Some want to gain insight into you, the person. People need to realize that the "interview" process is usually held after the 1st cut. When DS went for his they had 18 applicants, for the 10 slots, however, there were more than 18 applications for the first round (this was Sen), many on this site never made it to that interview. I know that there were 3 on here who never made it to the interview, 3 that did, not including our DS, and only 2 got it, DS being 1. So if you have made it to the interview process you are in good shape.

    Be ready to answer the easy questions, not the ones of why you want X academy or why you want to serve.

    I think ultimately the hardest question this yr might be what is your opinion on Afghanistan, are you for the surge or against it and why. Or maybe something about Iran. They want to see a well rounded candidate.
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    I agree with the above. Folks here could give you 100 "hard questions" and you might see none of them and see 5 that are entirely different.

    A few general pieces of advice:

    Take a breath before you answer. You can take a few seconds (not minutes) to think about your answer.

    Don't try to turn every weakness into a strength (i.e., "I'm just too organized; I try too hard to be a leader in everyting I do" -- ugh!). Everyone has weaknesses; don't be afraid to admit them and then, if applicable, discuss how you are trying to improve.

    Per the above, think about your strengths and weaknesses. What 5 words best describe you; what things are you "bad at?" You may not get these questions (I have, BTW, in various interviews in my life), but having considered them may make it easier to answer other questions about yourself.

    And, whatever you do, NEVER EVER denigrate another SA or military servcie. Often, the MOC committee members are affiliated with SAs other than the one for which they're interviewing. And, other than the football games 3 hrs a year:)smile:), we all respect our fellow comrades in arms. I should add that we still respect them during the game, just root for our team to beat theirs!

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