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    I just got a letter for an interview at a congressman's office. Des everyone get one of these? Is it for higher qualified candidates? Anything I should know for it?
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    Depending on the competitiveness of your district, most congressmen will interview everybody. It's to the benefit of their constituents, so unless there are 100 people applying for each academy, its unlikely they would be too selective. None of this really matters though. The fact of the matter is you got an interview.

    As far as questions you can read through this:

    My interview was a 7 member panel. Lasted about 15-20 minutes. I was asked really standard questions...questions that I had prepared for. But here is what I can remember:

    What is the most pressing issue facing the congress and president?
    How did you become interested in USNA?
    Who do you look up to?
    What is your biggest achievement?
    What is your most involved extracurricular?
    Backup plan if USNA doesn't work?
    How did you raise money for the initiatives (follow up to previous question)?
    Your math/science scores are a bit lower than others, can you comment on this? (knew this was coming, so had a well thought out answer)

    I was a tad surprised they didn't ask more military/leadership related questions, but looking back on it...they got a good idea of who I was within the first few minutes. Any more questions wouldn't have changed their mind.

    Make sure to shake their hands before and after the interview. Wear a suit.

    Good luck!
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    Ah, thanks.
    My interview was infront of 3 people. And it was nothing like every before.

    2 retired colonel, and one 1 woman (forgot what she did)

    The first guy pretty much spent the first 5 minutes trying to trip me and make me nervous.

    For example:
    "What other schools did you apply to?"
    "OSU, PSU, etc."
    "Which is your first choice of those?"
    "The size, athletics, etc"
    "If OSU gave you a full ride, everything paid for, and an NROTC scholarship, would you take it over the academy?"
    "No sir, I would go with the Academy"
    "Well why? I mean, the academy is a 24 hour lifestyle, sports aren't great, and its a small school. Why would you give up everything you want in college to go to the academy if you got an ROTC scholarship to OSU? I mean it is very rigorous, and challenging. Why would you want to go through all of that irritance and annoyance, just to become something you would be with an ROTC scholarship?"
    "Well what some people may call an annoyance, I call training and preparation for my career as a naval officer."

    "What do you want to study at the academy?"
    "Aerospace Enginering"
    "Aerospace? Why won't you go to AFA for that?"
    "Well, besides the fact that the air force doesn't have subs (made the woman laugh) I feel that the tradition and surroundings of the Naval Academy will help prepare blah blah blah blah."

    And I screwed up on the essay. I said in the interview I wanted to be a sub officer, but in my essay I said special warfare, so the other colonel pointed it and out and I said "I was under the impression before the interview that Subs were classified under Special Warfare, along with Seals and EOD."

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    Whoa there, sports aren’t bad at the academies. They have incredible facilities I’m sure, not to mention playing baseball at such high altitude (Air Force) would be REAL fun! Thats besides the point though.

    There are TONS of threads with amazing hints, and advice for interviews, you should do some digging. Some things I want to add is make sure you overdress if anything, if it is at their office, wear a nice wrinkle free suit. Look them in the eyes when you talk. Shake their hand firmly, and say something like “Good morning Sir” or “Nice to meet you, Sir”. One think that helps is don’t say “ummmm” “like” if you don’t know what to say don’t say anything. Thinking is ok.
    Most importantly don’t try and be the “perfect” candidate, just be honest and yourself even if it isn’t the “right” answer.

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