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    I love sports and have been trying to gather more information about the intramural and club sports at AFA but haven't found much information. I just have a couple questions and if anyone can answer them it would be much appreciated.
    1. What's the difference between an intramural and a club sport?
    2. How competitive are intramurals?
    3. How competitive are club sports?
    4. Can you do multiple club and intramural sports at the same time?
    (example: club bicyclying and intramural soccer)
    5. Are there uniforms?
    6. Are there tryouts for either intramurals or club sports?
    7. Can I switch intramurals depending on the season?
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    1. Club sports usually have LOS status which is limited on season.
    2.Depends on the intramural. As a freshman you probably won't get one of the more popular intramurals.
    3. Depends on the sport, but as a general rule they are pretty competitive.
    4. It is hard to do because of LOS status which means quite a bit of your time is expected to go towards your club.
    5. Depends on the club, but I would say more often than not yes.
    6. Depends on the club, and no for intramurals. More often than not most clubs will let you be on them, but you won't get LOS which means you will need to do an intramural as well as the club.
    7. There are different intramurals to choose from depending on the semester.
    *LOS= Limited On Season
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    Do you know anything about the Women's Fastpitch Softball Club? Do you travel? What other schools do they play? Thanks!

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