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Apr 7, 2008
My name is Stephen and I am a new member of these forums. A little about myself: I am currently an 8th grade student aspiring to go to USMA. If I do get nominated I will be a member of the Class of 2016(My Plebe Year:2012) I joined this forum to find out more about USMA and hopefully meet others who share my wanting to go to the school and hopefully find some people who might be going the same year as I am if I/they make it and make some friends. :biggrin:
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Good luck to you, Stephen! This is a great site for helpful information! I am glad you have a plan BEFORE you start high can really set your course for success! Start strong, finish strong. Do not slack! Read the posts here so you know what USMA is looking for, and plan accordingly. If you are in scouts, make a plan to finish your Eagle ASAP. If you are in sports, continue. Seek leadership. Write on your wall: Go Army, Beat Navy!

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:welcome1: You are smart to start planning now. Good luck to you!
2012 Cadet,

Good for you for starting to learn about service academies so early. I know a young man from our area who is at West Point right now. He started asking questions when he was in junior high and learned just what to do to prepare himself. We'll look forward to hearing updates from you over the next few years.