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    I've been lurking on this site for some time reading many previous posts. It has been quite informative.

    My husband and I were both Army officers and now we have 2 high school children who are both interested in pursuing careers in the military. My husband is a USMA grad and I was an ROTC scholarship winner. We are encouraging our children to look at both options and to consider all services, not just Army.

    Our daughter is a junior and has applied to the USAFA and USMA summer program and intends to apply for the other two when they open, as well.

    Our son is a sophomore who has applied for the USNA STEM summer program.

    We look forward to their journey in discovering whether they will be competitive for these programs and, if selected to attend, how the experiences sway their opinions in determining their future plans.

    I look forward to learning from all of you who are familiar with the current application/nomination processes. I know things have changed considerably since we were involved with these programs in the 70's/80's.

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