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    DS portal just listed about using iPads. What is the purpose of the iPad? Is it primarily for e-versions of text books? Any suggestions on a particular model? He has a Surface Pro, must it be an Apple product?

    Thank you all
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    The Ipad is so they can watch Netflix...

    DS still disagrees with them being mandatory, but them's the rules.
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    Feb 3, 2015
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    Here is what some current cadets had to say:

    "Response one:
    In response to the IPADs I would say getting it with WIFI is not needed. As long as you are at West Point
    you have access to the wireless network which is good enough for anything you would be using the
    books for. In my experience the IPADs are more of a Netfli/ personal preference than something to
    stress out about. I went with the Air 2 with the mid range storage (maybe 64gb) and have yet to have a
    problem with anything. In class you will use the IPAD for history, Mil Art, and MS as an online interactive
    textbook, so you need size you are going to be able to read on. Adding your own personnel 3G network
    is not needed.
    BLUF: I don't know anyone with data, nor do I personally see any need to have it.
    Response two:
    I personally have an iPad that's data capable however I never enabled it. I only use wifi with my iPad on
    campus and although the wifi does falter here at times that's when I just use my phone that's capable of
    doing the same. Although having an iPad that's data capable may be handy in the future, in my opinion I
    wish I made the decision to save the money (even though it's deducted from our cadet accounts) and
    stick with only wifi."
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    WP also provides IT support for iPads only to load software and clean up issues. Remember to back up often.

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    Invest in a very good case. Bring the case on Aday. iPad isn't issued until reorgy week. Most people take the issued iPad, although some use the need for one as a "here's a grad gift you could get him/her..."
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    I use my iPad to buy books for English. It's sometimes better to have a cheaper e-book than a hard copy you will end up throwing out. But other than that I only use it for Netflix.
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    My son said that he can buy his own iPad, and bring it to Rday, as long as it is in original box. My question is whether he can use it before reporting, or if it must be unused, and with packaging still sealed. Anyone know?

    We looked at Best Buy, and they have the regular iPad Air 2, 64, $100 cheaper than the cost on the WP portal. Would be nice to save the money.

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