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Jun 15, 2006
I have been amazed at President Bush's apparent change of attitude on the war. He seems to have changed his position on both strategy and our current success. Is this just press hype or perhaps an enlightenment either from the Baker committee or the new SecDef?
He changed his attitude?

Funny, last I checked, he still wants to win, and also interestingly enough, a lot of people (including the esteemed New York Times) who were screaching that we had to get out of Iraq and get out NOW are now saying that we SHOULDN'T get out of Iraq without achieving victory, and that we should send even MORE troops. In fact, it sounds suspiciously like "stay the course".

Ah, yes. The difference? They can all stop lying now; they convinced enough idiots to think that the Iraq war was a complete failure and we should leave now, thus electing a bunch of people who want us to lose so they can sit their queen in the White House.

Hell, there's even a report that the Baghdad economy is BOOMING. I'm quite certain it went from tatters to booming in just 4 weeks because the Dims won the election.

Yeah. :rolleyes:

Besides, I don't see anyone rushing out to follow the ISG recommendations.

Here's an interesting video on the subject:

All this sucking up to the enemy is going to come back to bite us. Mark my words. :frown:
In today's news MSNBC:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - New U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Baghdad on Wednesday with a mandate from U.S. President George W. Bush to help forge a new Iraq war strategy. He made the unannounced trip to the battlefront just two days after taking over at the Pentagon.
Gates went in pursuit of advice from his top military commanders on a new strategy for an increasingly unpopular, costly and chaotic war, one he has conceded the U.S. is not winning. His trip so soon after taking office underscored the Bush administration's effort to be seen as energetically seeking a new path in the conflict.

One could surmise from this morning's report on Gates arriving in Baghdad that the president HAS issued a mandate for a new stragegy in Iraq - sounds suspiciously like NOT staying the course.
Just_A_Mom said:
In today's news MSNBC:

One could surmise from this morning's report on Gates arriving in Baghdad that the president HAS issued a mandate for a new stragegy in Iraq - sounds suspiciously like NOT staying the course.

Staying the course means winning the war, not necessarily staying with the same strategy if it doesn't work.

Where's the quote about Bush telling us to pull out of Iraq?
You are, of course, right again, TN.

It's amazing how some people are so desperate to pin this on one person that they trash and mangle the English language to do it.

Of course, Bush is the ONLY president EVER to change strategies in the middle of a war. Lincoln, FDR, Bush senior, they ALL stuck to the ORIGINAL plan, without ANY modifications, throughout their wars. :rolleyes:

ETA: Oh, and I thought this is what all the anti-Bush zealots wanted? A new Iraq strategy?

Well, now that it's happening, why are you still *****ing and whining? Could it be because it's NOT about the "strategy" at all, but rather just another excuse to bash a man whom they loath more than the enemy?

Just a thought. :bleh2:
Zap, I figured, being a Navy guy, you would understand the old sailing term, stay the course. It means stay on the same course you have been on, don't change anything.

The war was bogged downand has been for a while. We were not winning. No new ideas were being discussed. I think it is exciting that we have an invigorated President. Just trying to decide whether the source of the invigoration was internal or external.
What does it matter? He's an IDIOT, remember? He was SELECTED, remember? He's HITLER, remember?

Do you seriously believe that the opposition in this country is looking at this the same way you are? Honestly?

Come on! These are the "brilliant thinkers" who are suggesting we negotiate with an avowed maniac who speaks to some other lunatic down a well and who has openely called for the nuclear annihilation of Israel and the United States. Hello, Neville Chamberlain 2006.

I feel SO much safer knowing these captains of moral and intellectual power are "helping" us! :rolleyes:

BTW, when a ship stays the course, it often has to adjust for set and drift, and has to maneuver around obstacles. That doesn't mean they decide to go to a different port.
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