Is an Engineer Officer in the Army Reserves marketable like an MI Officer?


Mar 14, 2015
I am a GRFD cadet out of GMU and branched Engineers (2nd choice) but wanted MI before the MARCH 1 cutoff deadline. Unfortunately I was unable to acquire a VHR because the positions filled up at the time I was sending out VHR requests so I am now going to be a 12A. I tried requesting one again since I won't be commissioning until August but I already have an EN BOLC date and was told by the branch manager that will be behind. I am worried that I won't be marketable in the civilian world because I am not a degreed engineer as I am a Political Science major with a concentration in international security. I know that I won't get a TSCI clearance as a 2nd Lt like my buddy at MI BOLC so that would put me behind the curve as far as getting a civilian job in intel analysis/defense contracting etc.

if anyone was a combat engineer or is going down the same path some advice would be useful

Wasn't a combat engineer or an engineer by major. I had no issues finding a job in defense contracting. Plenty of places target young officers for leadership and management. It's how I got my foot in the door and then was made lead engineer after a few years by out performing and learning as much as possible. I got out with a TS and only used it for 1 position (not in intel).