Is it true?


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Dec 4, 2007
Is it true that if you get accepted, into any academy, and you accept the appointment, that they will come to your high school graduation to present your admission?
Usually some sort of representative will attempt to attend the HS awards ceremony to present Academy or ROTC scholarships. This doesn't happen everytime, but it is a nice touch when it does happen.

In our case we have a close family friend who is a Commander in the Navy who presented my son's appointment to KP at the high school senior awards.
Same here. If you contact admissions they will send you a standard presentation address that can be delivered. They will also send you under seperate cover a folder with an appointment certificate that can be used. Our S had a corporate executive and KP alumni who had a strong influence on his decision to attend make the presentation. Very nice.
My D's school has had presentations the past 2 years at their awards ceremony.
last year by the Coast Guard
year before by USNA

VERY impressive when they do it. Sad that some of you are in situations where the schools don't allow this :( It's such an accomplishment and then to be told it takes too much time to recognize the kids for it??? ugh.
I never have been so proud

Yes just one more example of what a class act the USMMA is they sent a rep all the way to Savannah GA to present a great speech and award for our son. I could not talk for over 1 hour,I was so moved.