Is it worth taking the ACT again?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by luckydoggy1234, Jul 10, 2015.

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    So I got my ACT results:

    Eng: 33
    Science: 34
    Essay: 9
    Comp: 34

    but on the other hand my SAT scores were

    Math: 760
    Writing: 710
    Comp: 2220

    Is it worth it for me to retake the ACT to try for that 36 or should I just focus my time on other criteria like leadership and the CFA?
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    Wow! Those are really great scores! You should be very proud of your achievement. I will let the expert ALOs weigh in on this one, but they look pretty good to me. :rockon:
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    I think flieger once posted the best answer to this type of question...worded differently, but still the same.
    His answer was you should stop taking it when you score a 36 or 1600 as long as you can afford to take it.

    Right now your ACT composite would convert to the the same SAT score. Just me, but I would pick one exam, and study the weaker portion since they superscore. IE for your ACT I would spend my time on the E portion. If you can pull that up by just 2 points on the next exam, than you would have a 35 composite or 1560. Even if the Math dropped to 32. They would keep the 35 from the prior test, thus a 35.
    ~ At that point I would stop and move onto completing plan B (traditional college applications).

    Practicing your CFA should not take up much time in your life. I don't know what you mean by working on leadership since it is summer right now and the 1st ACT is 9/12, so you can push that out very early before the academic year really amps up, especially if you are in a fall sport.

    OBTW, that is an amazing best sitting score. It is a reason why I said try it one more time. After that, if it stayed the same, I would not waste my time or money again.
    ~ If you are applying for the AROTC scholarship, I believe they max out the ACT points at 35.
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