Is there a "too early" for looking into the AROTC?

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    I'm currently a sophmore in high school and there isn't a single doubt in my mind that I want to go into the army. I heard about to AROTC a few years ago and I know it's what I want to do. Is it too early for me to be looking into it? If not what are some goals I need to set for myself achemically??
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    It's never too early. start researching schools, and majors now. Apply for the scholarship late spring of your junior year. Now is the time when you can build your Scholar/Athlete/Leader credentials. take the hard classes and get good grades. Prepare for ACT/SAT. Play a sport or two or three. Run for class office. try to attend Girl's State or do volunteer work. And ask lots of questions and keep reading the discussion board. Visit schools and talk to ROTC Battalions.
    Hope that helps.

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