Is this good enough for NAPS?

Discussion in 'Service Academy Preparatory Schools' started by Navy716, Mar 3, 2013.

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    Hello, I am a high school senior and I applied to USNA. There is nothing more I want then to get accepted into USNA. I was wondering if someone or a few individuals could tell me my chances based upon my application. Is this good enough for NAPS?

    Academics: 4.0 GPA, distinguished honor roll student, top ten in my class, my senior year of classes go as follows: AP Biology, calculus honors, organic chemistry honors, economics honors, problems of democracy honors, English 12, foods and nutrition I and II, and team sports as my gym. I also have three years of Spanish.

    Sports: football ((9,10,11,12) captain my senior year, four year varsity letter award winner). swimming ((9, 10, 11, 12) captain my junior and senior year, four year varsity award winner, district medalist. I am a state qualifier, state medalist, and national qualifier for both my junior and senior years) track and field ((10,11,12) three year varsity award winner, captain my senior year, district qualifier) baseball ((9) junior varsity)

    Extracurricular activities:
    class president (9,10)
    Future business leader of America club member(9,10,11,12)
    Future business leader of America secretary (11)
    Future business leader of America president (12)
    Junior honor society member (10)
    National honor society member (11,12)
    National honor society Vice President (11,12)
    Student Council (9,10,11,12)
    Lifetime student council member (11,12)
    Principal's Student Advisory Board Member (10,11,12)
    School Newspaper(9)

    SATs: math- 590 verbal-590 I know these aren't that great but I took them five times.

    I have a nomination as well.

    Based on that information how strong do you feel my application is? Do I have a shot?
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    You're less than a month away from response. I personally feel you may be overqualified for NAPS, but nobody can tell.
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    how do you take all those advanced classes, be in the top 10, have a "4.0", and get a 590 on the SATs after taking it 5 times?
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    sounds like our ds's situation - #1 in his class, 4.0, taking the hardest classes available at our local school (pretty easy classes) - but clearly not prepared for SA's. thus, his decision to apply to and attend a math/science boarding school even though he had to re-do his junior year in high school. when he started at new school, his ACT was 24 after taking it 4 times. it was 28 last month (and he still hasn't really focused on it and studied for it) and we look for it to continue to climb now that he has very good, challenging instruction. it was going to be crippling to ds to finish at our local high school. many, many hours of remedial college courses ahead of him before, hopefully soon he'll be competitive for SA's/NROTC as he hasn't wavered in his desire for Naval aviation.

    not sure what OP situation is, but just wanted to share ours. some classroom situations are just not ideal.
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    Actually, I respectfully disagree. NAPS exists for many reasons, but clearly one is to improve the academic foundation of students the Academy is interested in but has concerns about succeeding in its challenging academic environment. If I was on the admissions board, and I'm not, this is exactly the person I would be looking at.
    When I entered NAPS I had 620 math and 480 verbal SATS. My last SAT taken while at NAPS had me at 720 math and 560 verbal...and that allowed me to be a distinguished grad at USNA and complete over 30 years of active duty with two aviation commands.
    It is the whole person the Academy is interested in!!

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