Is "Total Candidate Score" Formula a secret?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by TheDukeOfEarl, Sep 15, 2011.

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    OK, so I guess this is pretty much a rhetorical question, but I will throw it out there. I was wondering if the formula for calculating the Total Candidate Score has been published somewhere, or is it a closely guarded secret? I know the CFA averages & maximums are published and have been roundly dissected and discussed in this forum. Likewise, I'm familiar with the rough breakdown of Academics/SAT = 60%; ECs&Leadership = 30%; and CFA = 10% in terms of how they end up contrbuting to the TCS.

    But I am wondering if anyone has an idea how much, for instance, a 780 in Math SAT moves the needle on the TCS when compared to a 680 on the same test? Or is the TCS even taken to that level of granularity?

    Again, I suspect the answer to my question is "Are you kidding??", because of the clear possibility for candidates to "game" the score if they know where to apply their focus, and it would fly in the face of USMA's commitment to finding and accepting the best rounded candidates. But I'm an accountant by day and I am interested as much from a purely academic standpoint, especially given that DS has gotten his file essentialy completed for candidacy in Class of 2016 and so he really has no chance to do anything at this late date to change his fate.

    NOTE: I should be clear that I am not looking for some backdoor or inappropriately acquired info here so if it has not been publicly published by USMA admissions or provided by a MALO or some other SA representative in a legally public manner, then please don't provide. I am just curious from a geek standpoint.

    You can just cut and paste the "Are you kidding?" from above if that makes it easier for you to answer. :wink: Thanks!
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