Is USMMA right for me?


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Feb 18, 2020
Hi, so I’m considering the USMMA and have been recruited heavily. I really want to go hear I think but I had a few questions. I’m currently a senior and I didn’t take Calc or Physics. Has anyone entered the academy and not taken either. How was it adjusting? Will I be fine? Also, during plebe year are you allowed to have your phones? Or how does the phone policy work? I know of course during Indoc you don’t but what are the rules after indoc? Also when are you allowed to visit home again?
My DD (class of 2021) did not take calculus before attending USMMA, and she did fine. You will take a math placement exam during INDOC, and your score will determine what math you take. There is plenty of extra help available, the professors will work with you, and your fellow midshipmen will share their knowledge as well. You may have to put in more study time than some of your classmates, but you should be fine.

Regarding phones, the rules may vary by what company you are in. You will be given phone privileges after INDOC as earned by your company as a whole. Phone privileges have become more liberal in recent years, and most companies allow you to keep your phone within weeks of the start of the academic year.

You will not be allowed to leave campus as a plebe until Parents Weekend which is in October this year. (The exception is for sports team movements.) Your first week-long break where you will have leave to visit home is after first trimester, usually around the first week in November.
My DD is a plebe and absolutely LOVES the academy. She did have both physics and calculus in HS but has said that there are people there who have not. As mentioned above, there is a ton of help if needed. You may have to work a little harder then those that already have the foundation of the course. Don't shy away from the academy because of the unknown.

Phone privileges come and go. Honestly, my DD has very little time to spend on her phone. We will text every so often and when she didn't have phone privileges we would facebook message.
I did not take calculus in high school (it wasn't offered) but did take physics. Not sure that it would have made a difference. I did well in calculus until that fifth quarter. . .I struggled, but did pass. I can't address the phone issue, as I attended far too long ago. I wasn't able to go home until Christmas, since I lived on the west coast and cost was a factor. Was good training for being at sea, though.