Issues with Dodmets?


Anyone else having a hard time getting out of Dodmets? My DC was marked "complete" for a week, then "complete - on hold" for a week, then changed back to "complete" for another week, then back to "complete-on hold" for another week, and now back to "complete" again yesterday. The examining facilities submitted their results over a month ago - what gives?
Son's file was just updated to Qualified! Today. Remedial done 2nd week of Oct. Was a very long wait, but finally this part is complete!


update - DODMETS finally completed their review and submitted everything to DODMERB.

Without a remedial issue, how long did people find it took to get your DODMERB "qualified" findings?


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My daughter had the same issue it was all completed in October. She went as soon as she was notified. She was marked complete and it said sent to Dodmerb. It has been "under review" with dodmerb since then. I went back to see if anything else showed in dodmets and it had been changed to closed-on hold. I emailed to inquire and did not hear anything back but it then went back to closed and shows a change of date to dodmerb to 12/5 so now more wait and we were never notified of any issues. Was sent an email as a survey on dodmerb process but as taught my own mother "if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all".


My DS's file took a full two months, to the day, from physical to 'qualified'. We sat and waited, as we are with USCGA until the status changed last week. It was about later in the afternoon, though--don't forget they are in Colorado and not on East Coast time.


My DD qualified months ago for USNA but "under review" for USCGA. Does anyone have any insight about this?
I believe the CG has different standard on the eye standard. It could be that. They are more stringent in unaided but correctable.