It's May 1..... What is the news!!??!!


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Oct 27, 2013
Hoping to hear from all those wonderful young men and women and their families.... what's the news today!!
DS had declined his appointment in March after accepting one to USMA. Evidently the rejection wasn't registered as he received a call from admissions late last week wondering if he was going to accept. He respectfully declined again so hopefully someone will hear good news soon.
The latest packet that DS recd stated this class will be 305!! So it's a big class, room for more wait listers!
Just got back from DD running a half-marathon this morning, and looks like it's been busy on the forum!

We were expecting news Tuesday. Since May 1 is on a Sunday, we figured that the admissions board might need Monday to finalize their appointments from the waitlist. However, if they were calling appointees for decisions on Friday, maybe they WILL be prepared to offer appointments tomorrow after all. If we hear tomorrow, we will feel like we found out a day early!

We are liking that 305 number ALOT!!

Let's keep each other posted! Remember, it is an honor to be waitlisted to such a competitive and prestigious school. Our DSs and DDs should be rightly proud!
DH had a good question - are regular admission appointees accepting or declining their appointments electronically? Does a candidate accept electronically, then snail mail a written document? If the CGA made appointments on May 1 last year, it doesn't appear that they are awaiting snail-mailed documents sent on "Signing Day."
The acceptances and declines are via snail mail and/or telephone. There is no location on the web portal to accept or decline the noms...
Can't wait to hear some good news from others soon!