It's that time of year....Hereeeeees Bruce

Ah, Bruce. Dare I say that the President has the back of every graduate against the likes of you?

Did he even really listen to the words spoke that day? No, seriously, he said the Superintendent spoke echoed the Acting Secretary's words, when the Superintendent spoke first. Is that maybe an echo chamber in his brain?
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He wrote: "Vice President Pence nailed this attitude when he assured the graduates that they were the best America had to offer — after Messrs. Carter, Richardson and Stackley (all of whom had graduated from Annapolis) did the same."

Isn't a version of this said by the speaker at almost every graduation at schools across this country?

Shaking my head...
This guy is nuts.
I love the tagline at the end of the article , " a tenured professor who sometimes expresses views not shared by the administration." You think ? The fact that he is still employed at USNA speaks volumes about USNA itself. Unlike the other service academies, USNA has an approximately 50/50 mix of civilian and military professors. While certainly not as liberal as the typical University faculty, this does create a better academic environment.
I think that we should start up a gofundme page here on the forum so we can help Professor Fleming get that tattoo he's been saving up for over the last few years.

A sphincter right in the middle of his forhead. That way, we can see him coming.

Good lord, talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
I agree with so many of the comments here and there are a few tid bits I agree with in his opinion piece, majority I don't. The other piece of this is there was an interesting NPS thesis that did a cost comparison of USNA vs top level schools for NROTC... cost variance wasn't as great as many have proposed. Several other thesis have been done about USNA grads vs NROTC vs OCS... USNA grads at the higher levels of rank have had higher representation. One could interpret that stat in many ways.

I have actually had Professor Fleming as a prof many moons ago. He was actually a good prof who was very vested in his students. He challenged students to critically think and step outside their comfort zone of thoughts and assumptions. Can't vouch for how he is today.
He challenged students to critically think and step outside their comfort zone of thoughts and assumptions

And that's the benefit to having a guy like Professor Fleming in the Yard. Many, if not most, midshipmen have a very similar mindset, and think of things in binary , or see everything as black and white. We all come from different backgrounds, but after 4 years together by the Bay, we are molded into what Big Navy thinks is the right frame of mind. That is usually a good thing as a Junior Officer, but not so much as you get into higher ranks or pursue civilian careers. For me, law school after 7 years in the Navy was eye opening . Don't get me wrong, I am still conservative, but understand and respect that there are others with different views.
Well said BGO. I did my first Masters in my last two years of active duty. It was amazing at pushing my thinking and analysis. At USNA had two top notch history profs. I took them in semesters following one another. Both were American history profs who specialized in the civila war. One was a staunch believer that the war was about slavery the other over states rights. Their ability to challenge our thoughts and opinions was amazing. They could talk us in circles. First day of class we stated with raising our hands in what we thought started the civil war. The next class we owed an essay on the opposite side. The lessons learned of critical thinking, sound arguments, civil discourse in the discussions were some do the best lessons I had at USNA. They have served me well to this day. Heck I won a promotion for a team member yesterday based on those skills and a few decades of refinement and practice. Prof Fleming did this. And from what I hear, still does the same. Still not a fan of him and his pieces, I challenge Mids and officers from USNA to prove him wrong in their day to day actions.