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    My daughter is reporting that her time in Jacks Valley so far has been refreshing compared to first BCT. Obviously she is having a better time than the Basics, but she said that they seem to be in better spirits since they came out to the Valley, and she has seen less of them each day than she did in the Cadet Clinic. She has been seeing about 20 Basics a day at Jacks. She is set up in a tent right out there with the Basics and her exam room is equipped with everything she needs. (Picture is attached)

    During first BCT she said there would be up to 50 Basics at her door at 0600 waiting to be seen by the physical therapists. She thinks that had to do with it all being so new and many of them using muscles that they never knew they had. Most of the patients got stretching exercises and maybe a prescription for Motrin. She said very few were serious injuries where she had to order x-rays. One funny story was the female Basic who came in and asked if she could just get a spa massage to help take the stress away. :cool: Needless to say, my daughter sent her back out to her squadron.

    She is really enjoying her time at USAFA and seeing some of the things that her big brother had to go through. She has great respect for the Basics, even though she isn't allowed to make any small talk with them and has to refer to them all as "Basic" and they just call her ma'am.

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    Now with Photos!

    Thanks for posting that! I have found that I still enjoy looking at WebGuy and FB postings of BCT, even though we are three summers removed from the daily obsession. Our DS did not participate as cadre this year, but I find that I look for familiar faces and smile (it's easy to smile, now) at the photos I see of Basics pushing through. It makes sense that I still stalk this site daily though, 'cause I still have much to learn :smile:
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    Thanks for sharing, Stealth. Always good to see the other stuff in BCT that WebGuy doesn't show.

    Now if your DD could just find a magic pill that cures the dreaded "jack's hack" my DD basic would forgive her for being refused the massage. :shake: Kidding!
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    Thanks for the Share Stealth. Our DS is a Doolie out there right now, thank yours for taking care of ours....

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