Joining a NROTC program as a sophomore transfer student?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by lsz, Nov 27, 2012.

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    Last year, I applied to the four service academies as well as the NROTC program. I received a congressional nomination but was ultimately not offered admission to either program. I ended up attending a school that does not have an NROTC program. I am currently looking into transferring into a school with an NROTC program (NROTC is one of the several reasons that I plan to transfer). If I would decide to enter the program, how difficult would it be as a sophomore? Would it just be easier to attend OCS instead? There is extensive information for incoming freshman but very little for those planning to join the program late. Thanks in advance.
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    You can join NROTC at any time up to the end of your sophomore year. I know the path for an entering freshman and a rising junior but do not know the path for a rising sophomore. You should contact the unit(s) at the school(s) you plan to transfer to and speak with them on what would be required to catch up with the rest of your year group.

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