Joining ANG while in AFROTC


Mar 17, 2016
I have just finished my C/4C year in AFROTC and am looking into enlisting in the Air National Guard whilst still being in the ROTC program. I have a 3 year type 2 scholarship and will be contracting this fall. Is it possible for me to enlist in ANG while being contracted?
My understanding is you have to give up your scholarship once you contract with the Guard. Then you receive whatever education benefits your state offers students in the Guard instead.
I am assuming you mean you are an AS100. C4C, unless things have changed is USAFA rank for a freshman. AFROTC and USAFA are opposite. AS400 =C1C USAFA.

I agree with Thunder, to the best of my knowledge you can't do both. Upon completion of AFROTC you will go ADAF unless you get them to release you to the ANG and the ANG agrees to pick you up.

Additionally, you might want to rethink this decision due to the fact that you will have to drill with them. This can take a toll on you academically if you stay in the ROTC program and do ANG. As you progress in AFROTC your position within the unit will consume more of your time.
~ IE become a flight commander, you will be expected to write reports on the progress of the cadets within your flight. You will be expected to attend meetings outside of attending LLAB and PT. It could be 20 hrs a week. Now add in even if you can do ANG, how drilling 1x a month with these additional hours will impact your grades.
~~ Remember if not selected for SFT they will most likely dis-enroll you from AFROTC. Part of that WCS will be your gpa.
In addition, unlike the Army ROTC SMP program, the Guard and AFROTC have no formal agreement and you are in a deployable status. Let's say you're an AS200 slated to attend LEAD, and then your Guard unit as activated and deployed. Guess what? You're not going to LEAD that year and as a result might not be able to commission.