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    I have a family friend who is retired gunny in the Marines. I am moving duty stations and he was to introduce me to an O-3 in the Marines to help me get settled in and help me buy a car and show me around. He is married. I am a Jr enlisted female in the Navy and I was wondering if this would be okay or not. My family friend is not one to care much for rules any more so he is saying of course it's alright.
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    Your new command should assign you a sponsor, another enlisted person who can help you settle in. You will also have your own chain of command to assist you.

    Since you don't know the O-3, that puts her in a difficult position WRT assisting you with your personal life. She could be made aware of you being there and your connection with the retired gunny, and keep a kindly eye out.

    Learning how to handle some basic life tasks is part of the fun/challenge of maturing. Bet there is a chief in your new chain of command who has helped many a young Sailor step up and learn how to do things on their own. You will be more comfortable, I believe.

    Best wishes for a great start to your life as a proud Sailor.
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    OP indicates the Marine O-3 is married male, she is young enlisted female. This creates a potential for problems , even if completely above board, and nothing but a friendly relationship. While it couldn't hurt to acknowledge your family friend (the Gunny ) offer by making the contact with the Marine Officer, and I suspect that it makes your family more comfortable knowing this friend of a friend is there as a safety net , CAPT MJ hits it on the head -- use your command assigned sponsor and develop relationships within the command.
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    I think you already know there could be problems for having unduly familiar relationship between officers and enlisted. There is. (I believe Army and Air Force may have slightly different rules.) I suggest politely turning down his assistance, and use the assigned sponsor instead.

    Edit: Have you received a welcome aboard letter/email and have you been assigned a sponsor yet? Is there instruction on your orders regarding how to contact the command?
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